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Fun but needs work

This is a fun game and very realistic. Future improvements should create a third level of difficulty between easy and hard. At easy the computer is beatable most of the time. At hard it suddenly becomes super curler with perfect shot selection and throw weights. It can even regularly create ridiculous triple raises that you rarely see in real-life curling. Call the third level experienced and give the human a chance.

Rockin Curling!

Great game! Simple, realistic, fun, addictive. We want more.

Tip iPad

Noticed when playing (hard) against computer, if you tip and hold iPad you can see house from behind house. Good to do when seeing how much room you have to get around rocks to chip etc.


I really like this app because it replicates the game of curling to a tee. I also like the levels of play.

The Last Rock Curling

Initially a fun game and fairly accurate in terms of the game of curling. Unfortunately the game likes to win, and when you get to the difficult level, while it is not impossible to win against the computer, it has a substantial advantage over a human player. The computer will change the "ice", so that your shots will miss. When your rocks come close to others, they will veer towards the other rock and hit it, where the computers rocks will veer around the other rock so as not to hit it. Give it a try, but dont be surprised when you feel like the computer cheats to win.

Great little passtime& more!

I enjoy this game and its versions. Nice tips on how to play as you challenge the opponent.

Game Centre Fail

The game itself works fine, but Im very disappointed that it doesnt work in Game Centre. I bought this so I could play against my brother in Texas, but it doesnt work. Fail!

Hard level a joke

The game is a major fail because no matter how skillful you become it is impossible to improve your success in the hard level. The computer sabotages winning shots or makes impossible takeout shots to prevent success. As a result the game stops being fun and becomes frustrating.

No Handle!

Does this even work for iPhone 6? No matter what I do, no handle. It doesnt matter how I turn the phone - slow, fast, always no handle. Frustrating. Cant GNR handle just be a finger turn? That would be more realistic.

Please update.

Great game but please update! All I need is a medium difficulty. Easy is too easy and hard is too hard. And the ability to sweep opponents stones. Then it will be a perfect game.


Never been addicted to a game for so long - Years. Physics are great and the launch method is Perfect. Not too hard but not easy either. Would be 5 star with a chat feature, also players win/loss records, and needs an extra end added for tie games. Being able to watch the other player go live would be nice, so if both players are online you can play live with each other without waiting.

Nice !!!!! But Spin needs improvement

Spin should be set before throw. Because there should be different amounts of spins. Slight Spin , Heavy Spin, from 1 to 10. Very important. Just like the Spin is Set in curling3D or Age Of Curling. And we Need Chat Text . Is Most important for Multiplayer But I love the Easy online Multiplayer with gamecenter ! Asynchronous Multiplayer =yeahh, so you can find Opponents to Play :-)


Fantastic app, keep up, the good work!

Best curling game - trust me Ive looked

I have searched high and low for a decent curling game. Thankfully there is this game. It could use a few more refined features but far and away it is the best. Certainly worth the effort.

Real Curling!

Closest thing to the real game!


Really fun and addictive!

Wannabe Curler

Genuine game. Versus computer works well. Once you get the hang of it its great fun.


Controls are weak. Def not the best curling app out there. Sounds are bad as well. Waste of money.

Fantastic Game

First review I have ever written - usually cant be bothered.... But this game is so realistic! Well done to the developers - they nailed it.

Fun game

Dont know the utility of the red/yellow/green compass but its still fun.

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